Citizens For a Safer San Leandro is dedicated to empowering the community to work together to prevent crime, resolve issues and participate in disaster preparedness training through enhanced communication, neighborhood associations, the San Leandro Police Department, the Alameda County Fire Department, public agencies and the City of San Leandro.

San Leandro Police Share Crime Prevention Tips

Sergeant Doug Calcagno shared these burglary and robbery tips:

  • San Leandro has had 216 robberies to date in 2010 [the use of force or violence in unlawfully taking the property of another]
  • Be aware of surroundings.  Predators are looking for vulnerable people; predators pay attention to who is NOT paying attention.
  • 95% of burglaries are caught by “nosy neighbors” calling the police; get the best description you can, license plate number, take notes and call police immediately
  • Dogs, locks, alarms are all good preventative measures; however, a determined burglar can overcome all of these.  But a nosy neighbor calling the police is what burglars fear most.

Lieutenant Jeff Tudor gave statistics and tips on auto theft

  • 169,000 vehicles are stolen in California in a year
  • San Leandro saw a drop in auto theft of 35% in 2010
  • The most vulnerable cars for auto theft in Alameda County currently are:
    • Honda Accord, 1990-1999
    • Honda Civic, 1992-2000
    • Toyota Camry, 1988-1995
    • Acura Integra, 1990-1996

Prevention tips:

  • Mechanical devices, always Lock auto
  • Go to a locksmith and replace locks
  • No lap tops or purses left in car within sight


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